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2009 Saturday 
Steam Show Photos

Good Morning!  It is Saturday -- Day 2 of our annual "Pageant of Steam" Show and starting precisely at 9 AM is our annual SVSGEA Equipment Auction.
Shown at left is our SVSGEA Auction Crew headed by Calvin Ritter on the left, along with Tom Cochran, Bruce Feltner, and Kirsten Cochran.
Shown below left and right are our Auction Office Crew, consisting of Amy Blue ( who is also our Club Webmaster), Linda Custer, and Aaron Howell.  The Auction Office Crew register the bidders who participate in the auction.
Each year, we are extremely fortunate to have Brian Hash, shown at left, as our Official Auctioneer.  Not only is Brian Hash a wonderful supporter of our Club, he is also a past VA State Champion Auctioneer.  Hash Auctions is located in Berryville, VA.
Our Arena Display was full of tractors and assorted equipment this year.

It is 12 Noon.  The Steam Tractors in the park begin to blow their loud steam whistles.  Anyone who has a motorized antique tractor or power unit starts heading for the Tractor Pull Track.  It is time for our annual "Parade of Power" parade!
 Check out some of our SVSGEA Videos at www.youtube.com!


The Auction is over.  The Parade has ended and all of the tractors and equipment have been returned to their display areas.  You' re feeling hot and thirsty.  You head on over to the Park and grab a bowl of Steamed Ham and Bean Soup or maybe a Smoked Sausage with lots of grilled onions and a cold soft drink.  You sit in the shade and cool off with a delicious ice cream cone.
We aren't done yet!

It's time to get back to those fabulous antique and vintage farm machine demonstrations beginning with our Belt-Driven Frick Threshing Machine!


Frick Threshing Machine Video Clip


1910 Belt-Driven Hay Baler Video Clip


Steam Engine Video Clip


One of our most entertaining and educational equipment demonstrations each year is our 1910 Shingle Mill, cutting wood shingles out of blocks of Cedar Wood.

The Shingle Mill is belt-driven by an early 1900's Aultman-Taylor Portable Steam Engine, owned and operated by long-time SVSGEA member Charles Gray.
To see a video demonstration of the Shingle Mill and Steam Engine, go to www.youtube.com and type in SVSGEA in the search box!



In addition to the many demonstrations of our SVSGEA Club-owned vintage farm and steam equipment, visitors to our Show will also enjoy the demonstrations of nearly long-lost art forms such as the Coal-Fired Forge and custom metal-working, what many call old-time Blacksmithing.  Shown at left and below is Mary Shedden of Gains, PA and several of her friends demonstrating the art of heating, bending, and forming metal into specific forms and shapes.  Educational?  You bet!  Look at the pictures of the Show visitors watching this demonstration and in one photo, a visitor is actually asked to help!


Did we mention the "Family-Friendly" atmosphere that we work so hard to achieve with each of our shows?  Did we also mention that kids can have a great time as well as the parents and grown-ups?

Shown at right and below is SVSGEA member Mickey Collis who provides the Children's Barrel Train Rides throughout the Show Park on Saturdays and Sundays of our Show.



Did someone mention something about seeing "some old trucks" parked somewhere close by?  Well they weren't hallucinating.  The SVSGEA members are honored each year to have Mr. Fred Craig (shown below with his 1957 Kenworth) and several members of his American Truck Historical Society bring their restored antique tractor-trailer rigs as well as the many restored pickup trucks, wreckers, delivery trucks and even a huge hook and ladder fire truck!  We encourage everyone to make plans to attend their annual truck show in September.  Dates and website are shown in the photo at left.
Shown in photo at left are:  L to R:

Mel Fair, Mike Lawry, Webmaster for the Tri-State Antique Truck Show Website, and Fred Craig, President of the Mason-Dixon Chapter of the American Truck Historical Society.


Fred Craig's 1966 GMC Bus -- formerly a Greyhound Scenicrusier and later converted for a traveling Gospel Music group.

The bus has a 318HP 8V71 Detroit Diesel with a 5-Speed Allison Automatic Transmission.


Saturday Evening -- What are those horses doing over there on the Tractor Pull Track?  It's time for our annual Horse Pull!

We had a short rain storm a few hours before this year's Horse Pull but we managed to get the top mud scraped off the track and the Horse Pull went on as scheduled.

Horse Pull Video Clip


What better way to wrap up Day 2 of our annual "Pageant of Steam" show but to have a little Bluegrass Music.  We were once again fortunate to have one of the finest Bluegrass Bands in Virginia to close out our Saturday this year.

Welcome back, Stoney Creek!



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